Hacker Group Targets Orlando Airport

'Anonymous' Targeting Orlando-Based Websites

ORLANDO, Fla. – On the eve of a holiday weekend, a network of unerdground hackers claimed to have attacked the Orlando International Aiport's website.

Most of the travelers at OIA had no idea the hacker group "Anonymous" planned to disrupt operations by targeting the airport's website. The group claims to have "taken down" orlandoairports.net, in protest. It said Orlando police are trampling the First Amendment by arresting people associated with "Foods Not Bombs" when they feed the homeless at Lake Eola.

Regardless of the cause, most people don't agree with the cyber war.

"I think you guys are going about this wrong, because OIA is pretty much neutral in this situation," said Carlos Moore, who was flying from OIA Friday.

Michelle Mysuna agreed and said, "There's other ways to get your point across."

An airport spokeswoman said despite the claim, the website was not shut down. It turns out, the airport website's lost and found section got blasted with spam, but an airport spokeswoman says that's about all.

One cyber security expert says it could have been a bigger problem if "Anonymous" hacked into the right server.

"You can bring down a big website with enough traffic like that," said Rick Harding, president of Asystech. "[Anonymous is] probably one of the most sophisticated out there. They broke into the guys that protect our Capitol. So, they're good."

Already, "Anonymous" has claimed to have hit the Chamber of Commerce, Fraternal Order of Police, and tourist sites like visitorlando.com and downtownorlando.com, and with "Anonymous" almost any website is at risk.

"Foods Not Bombs" condemns this cyber war on the city of Orlando. Friday, "Anonymous" made it clear it is not working with "Food Not Bombs."