South Florida man gets $3.3 million in mistaken identity case

Bank of America teller thought man was robber, activated alarm

MIAMI – Bank of America was negligent when employees identified a man as a robber and activated the silent alarm, a Miami-Dade jury said.

Rodolfo Valladares, 50, walked into an Aventura Bank of America in 2008 to get a $100 check cashed.

A bank teller thought he matched the description of a robber and hit a silent alarm.  Oolice arrived an ordered everyone to the ground.

According to The Miami Herald, Valladares was physically detained, but officers ultimately let him go.

The Herald says a jury awarded Valladares $3.3 million in damages after ruling that the bank was negligent in triggering the alarm and not canceling it when employees realized Valladares was not a robber.

Bank of America plans to appeal the verdict.