Residents say peacocks are taking over Winter Park neighborhood

Peafowl also found in Cocoa Beach


WINTER PARK, Fla. – Just days after Cocoa Beach okayed a move to remove destructive peafowl from their neighborhood, more of the birds were found in another Central Florida city.

IMAGES: More peacocks found

Peacocks were seen on people's homes and lawns in the 7400 block of Restful Street, just west of Goldenrod in Winter Park.

Some were walking across the roof of one home.

"We are overwhelmed with peacocks," Betty Rainey said Friday.

Rainey is a fan of the birds and enjoys feeding them, but admits they seem to be taking over.

"There are too many peacocks and I know something needs to be done," Rainey said.

Neighbors said at least 60 peacocks were roaming their properties and scratching up cars.

"They see the reflection and start pecking at the window. You see the damage all over the car," Rick Gayer.

Gayer said the big birds were scratching the paint off cars and crossing streets, constantly holding up traffic.

"They're just very annoying. You see how loud they are. Can you imagine this at six in the morning?" said one resident.

Orange County can't help the residents relocate the peacocks because they're not causing any danger and they aren't domesticated animals, leaving the neighborhood to fend for themselves.

"The county did say if we capture them and put them in a cage, they would hall them away. Well, I'm not going to cage all these peacocks," Rainey said.

Residents were told to hire someone to trap the peacocks which would cost them about $1,500.