Photo shows face-eating attack victim

Ronald Poppo shown recovering from attack in hospital


MIAMI, Fla. – A photo released Tuesday shows a man after an attack during which police say another man chewed part of his face off.

WPLG-TV reports the picture shows Ronald Poppo, 65, with serious damage to the upper part of his face. Click here to see the image. (WARNING: This image is extremely graphic.)

Poppo, who is homeless, was hospitalized after the May 26 attack. Doctors said Tuesday that Poppo is now awake.

A second photo shows Poppo in a hospital gown, walking with the help of two hospital staff members. Click here to see the second image. (WARNING: Graphic)

Police said Rudy Eugene, 31, ripped off 75 percent of Poppo's face during a fight on the MacArthur Causeway.

A police officer arrived and fatally shot Eugene.