Jury finds pro boxer Christy Martin's ex-husband gets 35 years in prison

Martin charged in attempted second-degree murder charges

James Martin (left) appeared in court in 2011 for a bond hearing and Christy Martin (right) held a news conference directly after.

The ex-husband of professional boxer Christy Martin was sentenced to 25 years in prison Tuesday on attempted second-degree murder charges.

James Martin, 68, was found guilty of all counts against him, including aggravated battery. Martin had previously rejected a 25-year plea deal and had faced a maximum sentence of life in prison. In addition to the 25 years for attempted second degree murder, James Martin also got 10 years for aggravated assault, but it is to run concurrent, not consecutively.

Martin shot and stabbed his then-wife in November 2010 in their Apopka home after learning she was leaving him for a woman. Christy Martin said on the stand she didn't marry for love and the relationship was business-based for both her and James Martin, her former trainer.

Christy Martin said she stayed with James Martin to protect her family from what she called "gay-bashing." Christy Martin also said her husband had threatened to release sexually explicit pictures of her to ruin her career.

During his sentencing on Tuesday, James Martin said he didn't try to kill his ex-wife and suggested that she was accidentally stabbed and shot as the two wrestled over the weapons.

Christy Martin spoke at the sentencing and said her trainer-turned-husband tormented her during their marriage and that she wanted him gone. She said she's satisfied James Martin got 25 years in prison because she thinks he'll probably die in prison.

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