New documents filed in Casey Anthony civil suit

Zenaida Gonzalez's attorney asks if Anthony received money from Dr. Phil

ORLANDO, Fla. – New documents have been filed in the civil case between Casey Anthony and Zenaida Gonzalez on Tuesday to find out if Anthony is reaping benefits from a Dr. Phil donation, according to Gonzalez's attorney Matt Morgan.

Gonzalez shares a similar name as a fictitious baby sitter -- Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez -- whom Anthony initially said kidnapped her 2-year-old daughter in 2008. At Anthony's murder trial last summer, Anthony's defense claimed Caylee drowned in the family's swimming pool and, therefore, had not been abducted. Caylee's remains were found in December 2008.

Gonzalez is suing Anthony for defamation. Morgan told Local 6 he filed new documents to find out if Anthony received money from Dr. Phil, who People Magazine reported giving $600,000 to the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation after an interview with Anthony's parents on his show.

George and Cindy Anthony's lawyers or lawyers for Anthony haven't commented on the report.

Anthony was acquitted of murder charges in July 2011 but was found guilty of lying to authorities.

The civil trial is slated to start in January 2013.