Orlando police: 2 officers injured in downtown melee

9 arrested after skirmish with off-duty OPD officer at club Terrace 390


ORLANDO, Fla. – Nine people, all related, were arrested after two officers were beaten up outside Terrace 390, a bar in downtown Orlando across from the courthouse.

Orlando police said just after 2 a.m. Sunday, a group of men and women turned unruly, wanting to go back into the bar after hours. Officer Reinaldo Rivero, who was working off-duty at the time of the attack, told the group to leave, police said.

Police said Angel Maldonado then attacked Rivero, punching him in the face. According to police, Rivero said three others ganged up on him punching him the face repeatedly. Police said the group took Rivero's radio so he could not call for back up.

In the video, you can see Rivero wearing a white shirt, and the female officer fighting with another woman on the ground.

Rivero was able to fight them off, shocking Maldonado with a Taser and pepper spraying the crowd, police said.

Police said Rivero had bruising, lacerations and a black eye.

Officer Elizabeth Rodriguez was also working off-duty at the time was unable to help because she was also attacked by a group of women, police said. The officer suffered cuts to her hands.

All nine family members arrested; Angel Maldonado, Cindy Maldonado, Samantha Maldonado, Aaron Echevarria, Darionlee Echevarria and Jessie Colon; are facing a slew of charges ranging from battery on a police officer to disorderly conduct.

The officers are both at home recovering, according to police.