Orlando police officer found liable in excessive force trial

Daniel Daley, 86, awarded $880,000 by jury

ORLANDO, Fla. – A jury on Friday found an Orlando police officer liable of using excessive force and breaking the neck of 84-year-old man, who was awarded nearly $900,000.

Daniel Daley, now 86-years-old, decided to sue the police department after he says Officer Travis Lamont used excessive force on him in 2010.  Lawyers for Daley said Lamont broke Daley's neck during a takedown in which Daley was flipped over.

During closing arguments, Daley's attorney, Jason Recksiedler, said that Lamont went into a "sudden, uncontrolled rage" and used excessive force.

Recksiedler asked the jury to award Daley about $1.5 million, but added that his client was owed a minimum of $870,000 for medical bills and past and future suffering.  The jury awarded Daley $880,000.

When asked by Local 6 reporter Mike DeForest outside of the court room, Daley said "It's not about the money, I don't give a d**** about the money."

Lamont's attorney, Dennis O'Connor, said it was an "accidental, unfortunate ending," but added that Lamont had grounds to use the takedown maneuver. Lamont's lawyers said at worst the takedown may have been improperly executed, but it was not malicious or intentional.

O'Connor told the jury $50,000 to $100,000 would have been fair compensation.

Earlier in the week, the city of Orlando was dropped as a defendant in the lawsuit, so the verdict only applies to Lamont. It's not clear if Lamont will be responsible for the $880,000 personally or if Orlando taxpayers will end up covering it.

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