Historic Ma Barker shootout house up for sale

House known for longest gun battle in FBI history

OCKLAWAHA, Fla. – A house notorious for the longest gun battle in FBI history and even the subject of a Hollywood movie is up for sale almost 80 years later.

It was the end of the trail for two gangsters on January 16, 1935, and almost 80 years later its up for sale. Cynthia Harper says her great grandfather, Carson Bradford, had no idea he was renting his summer home, off of U.S. 27 on Lake Weir in Ocklawaha, to bank robbers 77 years ago.

"The realtor said they were really nice people," she said.

What was once a gangster's swanky hideout, a 2,000 square foot lake front home, where in 1935, Ma Barker and her son, Fred, were killed in the longest gun battle in FBI history.

"The chair when you turn it around, it still has the bullet holes in the back of the chair," said Mark Arnold, a realtor with Stirling Sotheby's International Realty. "From what we understand, Fred Barker would run from room to room here, and shoot out different windows in an effort to try and confuse the FBI."

More than 1,500 rounds of ammunition poured into the house for six hours. The Barker bodies were found in the upstairs bedroom.

The bullet holes have been patched up, but everything inside the home has been preserved since the shootout. Realtors tell Local 6 that rumor has it the house is haunted.

"Fred has moved on, but they say Ma is still here," said Arnold.

Other's say the bank robbers' stolen loot is still hidden in the walls.

"We've been around the house,, under the house looking for money, my grandkids digging up holes, thinking they're going to find something," said Harper.

If you want to continue the search, this house can be yours for a cool million. The house will be on the market until October 5.

For more information on the house visit http://mabarkerhouse.com.