Seminole County deputies to release crime scene pictures in cold case

Working group formed to solve county's oldest murder cases

SANFORD, Fla. – The Seminole County Sheriff's Office announced it will release crime scene pictures on Monday in a 28-year-old unsolved murder case as part of the new cold case working group, which will tackle the county's oldest unsolved murders.

According to a news release from SCSO, the team, which is made up of investigators from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, will first review the 1984 murder of Pamela Cahanes. Cahanes, a 25-year-old Navy officer was last seen at the Navy Training Center in Orlando, and later found dead in the front yard of a Sanford home.

Local 6 spoke to Cahanes' family in Minnesota by phone on Monday who said not knowing who is responsible for her death has taken its toll.

"It's been tragic. I guess you never stop thinking about it, wondering who got away with this," said Cahanes' sister, Eileen Bergmann. "My mom is still concerned about it, and we don't speak with her much about it because she is 94 and she is pretty frail." 

Cpt. Dan Purcell said they have someone else's DNA on the victim's clothing that they believe was the killer. Deputies have Cahanes' hat, shirt and pants from the scene and finger print evidence--but have not made any arrests yet.

"We'll remain strong and vigilant in trying to solve this crime, that's what we do," Purcell said.