Kangaroo captured in Orange County neighborhood

Neighbors say kangaroo was hopping through neighborhood on New Year's Eve

ORLANDO, Fla. – A kangaroo has been captured by authorities after it was found roaming around an Orange County neighborhood on New Year's Eve.

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The kangaroo was spotted near Imperial Avenue on Tuesday morning and deputies chased it down a nearby road before capturing it in a nearby park, according to neighbors.

"It was jumping and at first I was thinking what is that oh my god it's a kangaroo it's not normal," said Anny Stokes. "That's why I didn't know what to do."

It's not clear where the kangaroo came from or how it got loose, but neighbors say they believe it could have been taken care of by a woman who lives nearby.

Stokes told Local 6 it appeared the kangaroo's owner was coming to pick it up, but it's not clear if deputies released it to the owner.

Owning a kangaroo is legal in Florida if you have the proper permit.

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