Tow truck driver points gun at man in road-rage incident

Volusia County deputies launch investigation


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Investigators with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office are looking into a possible road-rage incident that happened on Interstate 4 after a man claimed a tow truck driver pointed a gun at him and nearly drove him off the road.

Emanual Torres, 34, said he was headed home, driving eastbound on I-4 Sunday night just past the St. Johns River bridge, when a truck came up behind him tailgating him.

"I noticed a tow truck on my bumper, literally on my bumper, pushing me," said Torres.

Torres said the car in front him was going below the speed limit and there was no way for him to move over because of traffic.

"The tow truck passes me to the right, then he tried to pass the car in front of me, but he wasn't able to. He moved to the right and got blocked again," Torres said.

That's when Torres said the tow truck came back to the middle lane to his right and then came into his lane, forcing him into into the emergency lane.

"I see a flash of light really fast to draw my attention," said Torres. "He's looking over his right shoulder at me with a gun just starring at me, I could see the white of his eyes."

In fear for his life, Torres said he slammed on his brakes to let the tow truck driver move head of him.

"I just felt powerless at that moment, especially when I saw the gun."

Torres was able to get the name of the tow truck driver's company and a good look at the driver. He said the man is in his 50s and has a goatee and beard.

Local 6 contacted the company to get a response from the owner but they haven't responded.