Regina Hill elected new Orlando commissioner

Hill elected with 54.5 percent of vote

ORLANDO, Fla. – Voters in Orlando have chosen the first new commissioner for District 5 since Daisy Lynum took office in April 1998.

Regina Hill was elected with 54.53 percent of the vote in a runoff election Tuesday that continued from the general election in April.

According to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections office, Juan Lynum earned 36 more votes than Hill during the April election. However, since neither candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote, the race for the District 5 seat moved to Tuesday's runoff.

Hill and Juan Lynum were hoping to replace Lynum's mother, who announced in early 2014 she would not seek reelection.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced days after the April election it was investigating Juan Lynum for fraud. FDLE agents are looking into accusations that Juan Lynum lives outside of District 5.

Juan Lynum's supporters had criticized Hill, saying her criminal record makes her unfit to represent the district.

According to records, she has been arrested 21 times, including drug and DUI charges.

Hill spoke to Local 6, saying her past has made her a better person.

"Sure I have had some issues in my past, but that has built integrity, that has built strength, that has built fortitude, that has built compassion, and the people have connected to that because I have walked in many of their shoes," she said.

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