Altamonte Springs teen nearly abducted describes incident

Attempted abduction
Attempted abduction

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – An Altamonte Springs teenager is describing the moment she said a man tried to kidnap her on her birthday. The girl said she managed to fight him off Saturday morning inside of the Spring Lake Hills Apartments on Wymore Road in Altamonte Springs.

The 14-year-old girl, who isn't being identified, will get together with Altamonte Springs Police on Tuesday to draw a composite sketch. Some parents said they're concerned about their kids heading to school Tuesday morning for their last week of school.

"I was walking to my grandma's house and then a van passed by," the teen told Local 6.

She said the man then jumped out of his silver van.

"He grabbed my arm and started pulling me and I slapped him off, pulled his arm off me and ran to my grandma's house."

Renea is the mother of that 14-year-old girl. She was there at her mother's house just down the street when her daughter showed up hysterical.

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"I said, 'Why are you out of breath?' And she said, 'A guy tried to snatch me.' And I was like, 'What a guy tried to snatch you,'" Renea said.

"He was talking really fast and I don't know what he was actually saying," the teen said.

She said she does, however, know what he looked like -- enough to draw her own sketch until she can draw one for police. The teenager said the man was most likely Hispanic, with a tan, short, spiky hair and a mustache. She said he was driving a silver van with a dent.

"Instead of celebrating her birthday, we would've been looking for her on her birthday," said the teen's father, Manny.

The family is now warning their neighbors. As kids head out to the bus stop in the morning, they want children and parents to look out for the guy.

"Try to walk in groups. Don't believe it's just a five minute walk where they are going, because it takes less than that for somebody to grab somebody."

"It's just scary for me that he is still out there. I mean, I want him caught," said Renea.

"(It was) scary, nervous," said the teen.

Stay with Local 6 for that composite sketch.