Coyote kills another pet cat in College Park

Orlando residents seek answers in getting rid of nuisance animals

ORLANDO, Fla. – Another College Park family has lot a pet cat in an apparent coyote attack.

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The latest attack happened over the weekend on Clayton Street, east of Edgewater Drive.

It's just the latest in a string of missing or dead cats in College Park, prompting Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials to post signs warning of coyotes in the Orlando neighborhood.

Two weeks ago, Local 6 showed video of a coyote chasing a cat, but still, wildlife experts call "urban coyotes" a nuisance animal, leaving the problem to pet owners. Homeowners can kill a nuisance animal if it threatens people or their property.

Some think that's not the answer in city limits.

"When your neighbor is 10 feet next door, discharging a firearm is pretty dangerous," a College Park resident said. "We need to get together with a plan to take care of this growing problem because once the coyotes become a little more comfortable with humans then it's not going to take long before it becomes small children."