Students: Test Wizard has SAT answers

Former biology teacher boosts student scores

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Local 6: Morning News at 5a

Bob Alexander has spent the last two decades helping students improve their SAT and ACT test scores.

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The former high school biology teacher knows the inside secrets to success   because he used to write the questions for the SAT exams.

"The first thing I teach kids is, if an answer adds to the passage, it's wrong even if it's an accurate statement," he said.

Alexander's legacy of coaching dates back to 1994.

"Just like a coach on a basketball court I can tell you what you're  doing wrong so we can adjust the way we play the game."

Now in his 60s, Alexander continues to train students across the state to dissect the questions and avoid the traps that could mean the difference to being accepted to the university of their choice or a school  they didn't want to attend.

"On the SAT a typical student will raise the reading score about 100 points and on math the same," he said.

Lake Highland Prep graduate Justin Martinez had his sights set on New York University but his scores fell short of the mark the school required.

He turned to the Test Wizard and it worked.

Martinez is heading to NYU as  a freshman, class of 2018.

"His class was really cool because he just didn't re-teach the stuff I already knew, he taught me how to take the test."

Alexander's fees are based on ability to pay so he offers what he calls a "sliding scale."

Alexander said he enjoys the Test Wizard legacy but stresses there is no magic wand or formula.

It all comes down to working hard and remembering the key secret he repeats again and again: "One of the rules the test writer has to play by includes plausible statements that are not supported by the passage. It's right but it's wrong."