Florida man's 'Don't tread on me' flag sparks controversy

Ocala business owner says city violating his constitutional rights

OCALA, Fla. – An Ocala business owner says the city is violating his constitutional rights by banning him from flying a Gadsden flag outside his store.

Keith Greenberg says he got a letter from the city of Ocala that stated that he had to take down the flag, which features a rattlesnake and the words, "Don't tread on me."

Greenberg says he was flying the flag to show his American pride.

The city, however, says the flag is in violation of a 50-year-old ordinance, which includes the possibility of a $500 per day fine.

"The code does not dictate or address the content of the signs, only the number of signs that are erected at the business," said Jeannine Robbins, who works for the city. 

"We literally set this up as an emblem of our allegiance to America and then, obviously, when you have government officials telling you to take it down, it's rough to digest, said Greenberg, who added that he's seeking an attorney.

Greenberg also said he will speak at next week's city commission meeting.