Report: Florida woman's 3rd breast a hoax?

Woman claiming plastic surgery filed lost luggage report for breast prosthesis

Jasmine Tridevil.
Jasmine Tridevil.

TAMPA, Fla. – A lost luggage report may have exposed a hoax by a Florida woman claiming she had plastic surgery to add a third breast, WTSP reports.

Alisha Hessler, who also goes by the name Jasmine Tridevil, filled out a lost luggage report at Tampa International Airport  last week and one of the items listed on the report, along with three pairs of stiletto heels, a hair brush and paperwork, was "3 breast prosthesis," according to WTSP.

Tridevil, 21, ended up getting her her luggage back and two people were arrested for stealing several bags, WTSP said.

Tridevil's story was trending all over the Internet on Monday. She told WTSP on Monday night she expected people to be skeptical, but that the implant story was true.

"I recorded the surgery and it will be on my show," she said. She also said she got the prosthesis because she wanted to be unattractive.