Authorities release evidence in case of man accused in roommate's death

Bryan Santana accused of killing Disney worker Shelby Fazio

Bryan Santana.
Bryan Santana.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Investigators on Friday released more than 100 pages of evidence in the Orange County case where they say a man killed his roommate and her dog.

Bryan Santana, 20, was accused of killing Disney worker Shelby Fazio, 23, and her dog in October at their home on the 400 block of North John Street.

Investigators said Fazio's death was premeditated and Santana was charged with first-degree murder, along with attempted murder of his other roommate.


The evidence included pictures a message, which included "I'm sorry I did this," written with animal blood on a wall.

Investigators said Santana confessed to strangling and stabbing Fazio, then committing sex acts with her deceased body. Fazio, who had just moved from Michigan to work at Disney, was found with a belt around her neck and what appeared to be a pen protruding from her neck, according to the evidence.

Santana said he then grabbed his wallet, keys to Fazio's car and drove away. According to the report, Santana was looking for a Walmart to buy a fake gun so he could point it at a police officer, causing them to shoot him.

Investigators said Santana bought air fresheners to mask any smell.

According to the documents, Santana was also asked what he would say to Fazio's family, he said "if they can't hurt me, like if they are behind glass or something. I just probably wouldn't say anything or say that I wasn't sorry. But I don't know, it would kind of hurt seeing them cry and stuff."

Also released in the evidence was interviews with Santana's third roommate, who he allegedly pepper-sprayed and came at with a knife.

Friends of Santana told police he called them to say he killed his roommate, the dog and was going to commit suicide. One friend stated that Santana did the killing because he no longer wanted to live and was upset about losing jobs.

The state attorney released the evidence ahead of Santana's trial, which is slated to be in February.

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