'Fifty Shades of Grey' merchandise sold at Target

Some find '50 Shades' books, movie violent, abusive


CASSELBERRY, Fla. – The adult toys are situated on an end cap next to the kids bath toys at the Target in Casselberry-- massage candles, blindfolds, massage oil, even a "vibrating love ring."

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The boxes read "Fifty Shades of Grey, The Official Pleasure Collection."

The retailer is selling the merchandise to coincide with the release of the much-anticipated film, featuring a main character who enjoys sadistic pleasures.

Local 6 purchased a blindfold set for $13 and showed shoppers. Reactions were mixed, as they are about the film.

"I'd think it's in the wrong store," said Patricia Eason. "Because I have an idea about the movie and it should be in an adult store."

"Got my interest and I'm sure will get a lot of people's interest," said Ashley Foster.

But some people find the "Fifty Shades of Grey" not as fun.

"I would be very unhappy and talk to the manager," said Nancy Coons. "We nicknamed the book 50 shades of porn, not something we're interested in."

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Meanwhile, some domestic violence groups say the books and movie are violent and showcase emotional and physical abuse.

The executive director of Help Now of Osceola County, a shelter for survivors of domestic violence, says the behavior can be abusive and sneak into relationships.

 "When things get really intense there becomes a gray area of that consent. When there's violence involved it certainly could possibly get out of hand, to the point at which someone says they're not consenting to the behavior that absolutely becomes a problem," Tammy Douglas said. "Do I think there's some possibility it could lead to some unhealthy behaviors in a relationship? There's absolutely that possibility."

For more information on how to get involved with domestic violence groups, click here.

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