Orlando police officer faces criminal charges

Peter Delio to be charged with excessive use of force

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando police officer has been arrested on charges of felony battery amid allegations he used excessive force against a man in custody.

Officer Peter Delio was caught on surveillance video kneeing a man in the stomach while he was sitting in a holding cell in August of 2014.

According to his arrest report, Delio could be heard on the video saying, "get up scumbag, do you want to be a tough guy?"

The man, identified as Robert Liese, was injured so badly he had to undergo surgery for a ruptured spleen.

OPD orally reprimanded Delio for the conduct and suspended him without pay for a week.

"I was disappointed in the actions of the officer and that's why internally he was found at fault for mistreatment of handcuffed prisoners," said Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

The results of the department's internal investigation were turned over to the FDLE for their review.

On Monday, FDLE decided to pursue criminal charges of excessive use of force against Delio.

"We wanted to be transparent and clear that this excessive force should be investigated fully," said Mina. "Not only by us internally, but also externally from the Florida Department of law-enforcement to see if any crimes were committed."

Delio turned himself in at the Orange County Jail on Tuesday morning, where he posted $2500 bond immediately, and he was set free.

He is currently on paid administrative leave from the Orlando Police Department, according to a police spokesman.

The charges come on top of a federal lawsuit filed by the suspect, Robert Liese, who had been arrested for criminal mischief and petit theft.

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