Seminole County judge lashes out at prosecutor at end of trial

Judge disagreed with jury verdict of woman accused of DUI


SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Seminole County Judge Fred Schott went toe to toe with a prosecutor at the end of a trial disagreeing with the jury verdict of a woman accused of a DUI.

[WATCH: Judge lashes out at prosecutor at trial]

Licette Gonzalez, 46, was arrested last fall by Sanford Police Officer Michael Wagner. He spotted her driving with a beer in her hand on St. John's Parkway.

He checked on her DUI citation that her blood alcohol level was above 0.08, the legal limit. But he later admitted in court on March 11, that no one qualified had performed the test and he accidentally checked the wrong box.

The mistake left Gonzalez with a suspended license. Because of that two months later she was pulled over by an Altamonte Springs police officer.

The entire ordeal outraged Schott and he went back and forth for several minutes with Assistant State Attorney Diana Miers.

"Are you trying to nolle pros (drop) that case or am I going to get mad at you today?" Schott asked.

"Perhaps you can get mad at me, your honor," Miers replied.

Later on during the exchange Schott banged on his desk demanding the officer be punished.

"I want you to take him up for perjury. Will you take him up for perjury?" Schott asked.

"He admitted it was a mistake your honor," Miers replied.

"He lied, he lied on a sworn citation," Schott said.

The judge then said he would dismiss the charge.

The Sanford Police Department said the mark was a mistake and called it a "non- issue."

It's not clear where Gonzalez's case stands now, but Schott has been transferred from the criminal division to the civil division. He is expected to make the shift mid-April.