Zimmerman's alleged shooter accused of urinating on neighbor's front porch

Matthew Apperson faces disorderly conduct charge

Matthew Apperson.
Matthew Apperson.

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. – Local 6 has exclusively learned there's new trouble for the man who shot at George Zimmerman claiming self-defense.

Matthew Apperson is now facing a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, accused of urinating on his neighbor's front porch.

A new motion filed last week by the State Attorney's Office asks a judge to revoke his bond for his attempted murder charge.

"What caught my attention was he said, 'F*** the police,' and he just kept mumbling to himself," said Tony Woods.

Woods was working in Apperson's Winter Springs neighborhood a few weeks ago.

"Well, there's somebody hungover from the night before, you know, no big deal. Then, he said 'F*** you, too,' continued Woods.

It's what Woods said he saw Apperson do after the fact that alarmed him.

"I was totally taken aback when he was yelling at me, and then he stopped and he was urinating on her door or her front porch. I couldn't believe it," said Woods. "Like, that's his spot, like he's some kind of dog trying to mark his territory," said Woods.

Woods said he was about 50 feet away from Apperson.

The neighbor is a woman Local 6 introduced you to back in May. The two have had a long-standing feud.

Local 6 found out that the Winter Springs Police Department responded to Apperson's next door neighbor's home 23 times within the last two years. The woman claimed Apperson has been harassing her non-stop.

The day Apperson was accused of shooting at George Zimmerman in Lake Mary, she told Local 6, "He has called me names, insulted me ....etc., etc. ... blown smoke in my face the way he did reporters' face," she said.

A legal expert said Apperson's ongoing behavior could be what lands him behind bars.

"Mr. Apperson didn't do very good with staying out of trouble," said Steven Kramer, an attorney at Kramer Law.

Kramer said this latest stint might send Apperson to jail after being out on bond for the aggravated murder charge involving Zimmerman.

"By committing this new crime that they're claiming he did, and that he represents a danger to the community, for that reason, he should be locked up," said Kramer.

The state is now asking for the judge to revoke Apperson's bond for committing a criminal act ahead of his attempted murder trial.

"For this gentleman, he needs to stay on the right side of the law right now, because if he gets by without having this bond revoked, he's going to be skating on some very thin ice," said Kramer.

Apperson was home Tuesday night but shut the door at the sight of our camera. Local 6 called his lawyer and left messages, but he has yet to return our calls.

Zimmerman's attorney, Don West, told Local 6 he didn't want to comment, simply saying he hopes the judge will consider whether Apperson should be out on the streets.

Kramer said the series of events could work in the state's favor of putting Apperson in jail, but that won't be decided until July 31.

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