Longwood murder victim's family demands answers

Detectives obtain surveillance video from store


LONGWOOD, Fla. – The daughter of a Longwood man gunned down in his driveway last month said she worries police won't be able to find his killer.

Trina Miah brought her concerns to the Longwood City Commissioners meeting Thursday, where she asked commissioners not to let the police department forget about her father's unsolved case.

"I hope the Longwood city mayor and commissioners and police chief will gather together to find an answer of who has killed my father," she told them.

Outside the commissioners' chambers, she told News 6 she worries the Longwood Police Department may be too small and ill-equipped to find her father's killer.

Shahidul Miah was found shot to death outside his Longwood home on Aug. 20.

Family members said he had just returned home from the convenience store he owns, the Kwik Mart on Bear Lake Road.

They said they fear something may have happened at the store, and that someone may have followed him home.

"I'm afraid to walk around the street," Trina Miah told News 6. "My brother is afraid to walk around the street because the person is still out there. And I'm sure he's watching me right now. She is watching me right now."

News 6 asked Longwood police representative Cpl. Ryan Short about Miah's family's concerns. He said detectives now have the surveillance video from the Kwik Mart, and they will be looking over it to see if it provides any clues about who may have killed Trina's father.

Short would not say why it took the department three weeks to obtain the video, but he did say all available manpower is focused on Shaidul Miah's murder.

"It is a 100 percent top priority for the city of Longwood Police Department. We are working hard to get answers for the family, as well as the city itself," Short said.

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