2 arrested in Halloween Horror Nights attacks reported at Universal

2 charged with battery

ORLANDO, Fla. – Police made two arrests for violent attacks on Universal Orlando team members at Halloween Horror Nights.

Police told News 6 that William Nunnally, 28, is accused of purposely punching a scare actor in the face in "The Walking Dead" house. It happened on Oct. 21. The man stated to law enforcement he might have "accidentally hit" an actor but denied punching.

Karla Rondan-Diaz, 32, attacked a stilt walker on Oct. 23 and faces a battery charge, according to police.

The report said the stilt walker was kicked twice, causing him to fall to the ground. Police noted she was argumentative and intoxicated.

The arrests come days after News 6 reported about two scare actors quitting Halloween Horror Nights after being attacked.

Over the weekend, a 21-year-old Ft. Myers man kicked an actor in the face, police said. Orlando police said they would be filing a simple battery charge with the State Attorney's Office against the guest who attacked the actor.

A representative for Universal Orlando told News 6, "The safety of our team members and our guests is our most important priority. We have a zero-tolerance policy that can include prosecution of anyone suspected of compromising the safety of our team members. Our scare actors receive special safety training, and we staff our event with uniformed law enforcement officers and team members whose role is to keep everyone safe."

Universal spokesperson also told News 6 that while attendance has gone up, incidents have gone down.

News 6 spoke to other actors off camera, who claimed they have been trampled, smacked, shoved and even sexually harassed.

Mark Krise goes to the annual event six to seven times a year. He posted a YouTube video, asking for a stop to the abuse after witnessing it himself on opening night.

"Out of nowhere, this random lady just shows up and hugs right behind, and the nurse (actress) had to duck under to get away from her," Krise said.

He said selling alcohol at the event isn't helping.

Universal said they have struck a balance between alcohol and safety. The Hollywood location does not serve alcohol.

News 6 bought a ticket to the event to see what the interaction was like between guests and scare actors. Most guests seemed to embrace the characters, with the occasional verbal jabs.