Donations needed for downtown Orlando UCF campus

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ORLANDO, Fla. – UCF president John Hitt says the new UCF downtown campus will create a big impact for students and businesses in downtown Orlando.

In this year's Downtown Focus Breakfast president John Hitt addressed community leaders and talked to them about the challenges UCF is facing to make the downtown campus into a reality.

University leaders said they're preparing a revised plan to the state university board of governors after they cut funding for the proposed campus.

Hitt says in order to make the campus a reality it will need at least $60 million. The university says it will seek $20 million from the state and $20 million from school resources, leaving them $20 million short.

"I've always thought that no single institution has the resources to conquer the significant challenges that we face in society. however through the power of partnership we can create new opportunities and reinvent the future in remarkable ways," said Hitt.

The campus is expected to be open to 7,700 students and school leaders hope to have the campus open by 2018.