Beloved store owner shot to death outside Sanford business​

Joshua Myung Hur went to church every day after work, authorities say

SANFORD, Fla. – Police are investigating a few leads into the death of a beloved local store owner, who was shot to death outside his Sanford business.

Authorities issued a statement Thursday, saying Joshua Myung Hur, 63, was deeply religious and went to church every day after work.

The pastor at Greenhill Presbyterian Church in Orlando told News 6 Hur was an elder who he did things out of the kindness of his heart.

Hur came to this country in 1991 with almost nothing, but people who knew the Korean immigrant said he was caring and giving until the day he died.

"I know his stories, his family, his life. It's just totally heartbreaking," said Angel Montalvo, who lives near the store Hur ran, Kim's Food store on 4th Street and Poplar Avenue.

Police said Wednesday night, someone shot him several times as he closed his store.

"It's terrifying. So many times I've said, 'Let me run over there real quick before he closes.' He closes on the dot every night at 7 o'clock," said Montalvo. "We went to that store almost every other day. He was such a sweet man. I'd bring my kids in, and he'd give them lollipops."

It's unclear if Hur gave investigators any clues about the killer before he died in the hospital, but they were back at the scene less then 24 hours later. A police dog searched the woods nearby as officers tagged possible new evidence.

Hur closed his store to go to church every day, said police.

Neighbors fear the killer might have known his routine.

"It's terrifying to know we were there like an hour and a half before that, and that this can happen so close and to someone so sweet and with such a big heart. It makes no sense," Montalvo said.

There's a CrimeLine reward being offered for anyone who can help catch the shooter. Call 800-423-TIPS.