Mayor supports exoneration of 'Groveland Four'

Gov. Scott being asked to pardon men from 1949 rape charges

GROVELAND, Fla. – The push to clear the names of four African-American men charged with rape more than 60 years ago is getting the support from the mayor of Groveland. 

The men are known at the "Groveland Four."

The alleged attack happened in 1949, but there was never any hard evidence linking the men to the crime. 

One suspect was shot to death by the sheriff of Lake County, and another was hunted down by a posse and killed. 

A third suspect was also shot, but survived by playing dead.

The fourth suspect survived and earned parole. He died in 2012.

News 6 uncovered a proclamation by the mayor of Groveland, proclaiming his support to exonerate the "Groveland Four." It also encourages Gov. Rick Scott to pardon the men immediately. 

The proclamation is expected to be discussed at a meeting Tuesday. 



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