Video shows baby sharks off New Smyrna Beach

Dozens of baby lemon sharks have been spotted off New Smyrna Beach over the last three days.

Some beachgoers heard about it and then captured footage of the sharks using a drone.

"We decided to put the drone up to see what we can catch on video, and lo and behold, we saw the creatures that they are," said Mike Fischer.

Fischer said he saw at least 20 sharks swimming near the shore Wednesday morning.

"This is way cool, this is really neat!" he said.

And he's not the only one who saw them.

"They're beautiful creatures," said Kem McNair.

McNair, a longtime photographer, captured several pictures of the 2 1/2 to 3 foot sharks.

"They're real curious. They want to come up and check out anything that's on the bottom. If you make the slightest movement, they'll just dart away at 100 miles an hour," said McNair.

News 6 caught two surfers who darted the other way after they felt them in the water.

"They went under me and it like hit my board and I was like 'oh my gosh!'" said Ava McGowan, 10.

"I think we screamed at them and they got really scared, so they ran away from us," said Nicole Fulford, 15.

Beachgoers said it was definitely a sight to see.

"They're just curious. They just want to know what we're about. I think we're more scared of them than they are of us," said Fischer.

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