Parents find needles during Easter egg hunt in Edgewater park

EDGEWATER, Fla. – Easter egg hunting is supposed to be a fun event for kids, but what some parents found during the hunt had them worried.

"It was actually in the baby section," said Brittany.

Brittany said her two girls participated in the egg hunt only to find more than just plastic eggs.

"When one of the eggs was being dug up, it was literally right next to the egg," she said.

Brittany, who declined to show her face on camera, said they found the exposed needle under a shallow pile of leaves.

"You can see the orange top of it and the mom kicked it. I ran over and picked it up and threw it in the bottle to get rid of it. That scared me because they don't know what they're going to grab," she said.

That thought of children grabbing the needle also scared Meagan Hier, who brings her son to the same park at least twice a week.

"To think that it could anywhere and that it is anywhere and it's around our children. It's awfully scary," said Hier.

"We take anything like that seriously," said Jill Danigel, City of Edgewater.

Danigel said they have crews who work daily to clean the parks and report any illegal activity or drug paraphernalia that's found.

"We also have our police officers that patrol. We have eyes on the parks every day, but we can't see everything," said Danigel.

As for Brittany, she said not only did the needle put a damper in their egg hunt, but her children won't be returning to Rotary Park any time soon.

"We're definitely not going back to that park anymore until it gets cleaned up," she said.

The City of Edgewater said if drug paraphernalia is found, do not touch it. Please call either 386- 424-2000 or 911 and ask for the non emergency hotline

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