Families told to move out of Osceola County inn

Water, electricity shut off at Royal Celebration Inn, residents say

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – News 6 is working to get results for families in Osceola County who say they were kicked out of their homes on short notice.

Residents told News 6 that their electricity was shut off Friday and their water was shut off Sunday at the Royal Celebration Inn in Kissimmee.

Tenants said a notice was given at the end of March that the motel would close for a short time for renovations. On Friday, tenants told News 6 they were told to leave immediately. 

"I would have been OK. I work hard to take care of my family and if I would have been given the right amount of time it would have been possible for me to make a quicker move, but right now I'm at a dead end," said resident Antonio Brown.

Residents said several of those affected who are low-income residents, suffer from disabilities or are along with families with children.

"It's not a safe environment for kids running around because anybody can come and go through them doors. There is not a way for them to lock the doors because they are off the hinges," said Kevin Alexander.

News 6 contacted the front desk of the inn, but their phone goes to a busy signal. A sign on the front door of the motel said that the business is closed, and security guards asked News 6 to leave.

Osceola County said that anyone displaced in the closure should visit the website for its Department of Human Services.

The attorney listed with the state of Florida as the registered agent for the property said he hasn't worked for the motel in several years.

No other details were immediately available.

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