Boston Diagnostics Orlando gains accreditation after invalid mammograms

4 women found out they had breast cancer after re-screening

Boston Diagnostics Imaging Center Orlando is back to full accreditation after the FDA suspended the clinic from performing mammograms last year.

In July 2015, the Orlando center's mammography program was suspended after regulators found problems, including the camera's position during the scan, how employees handled equipment and irregularities in scans dating back to 2013.

The Orlando Health system bought the five Boston Diagnostics centers six months before the suspension.

"Even though that we knew that we were new owners and most of these had occurred under someone else's watch we were committed to doing what was right for the patients," said Orlando Health spokeswoman Kena Lewis.

After the FDA's discovery, Orlando Health sent letters to 5,000 women they believed were affected. Of those 500 women responded back and only 250 women needed to be re-screened.

It was during those rescreenings that four women learned they had breast cancer.

"It was a bit of a surprise," Lewis said. "But we are known for our patient care so we've stepped up to the plate to make sure what was best for the patients ."

Now, she says the imaging center has new equipment, new board-certified radiologists and new training for employees who handle the mammograms -- all in hopes of getting results right the first time around.

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