Tornado sirens keep Winter Park, Oviedo safe

How to keep your family safe as Tropical Storm Colin moves through

From push alerts on your phone to text alerts to tornado sirens, there are different ways to make sure you and your family are safe when Tropical Storm Colin pushes through Monday night.

In Orange County, the only city to have tornado warning sirens is Winter Park. They also have high-powered intercoms where the fire chief can record a personalized message from his phone and send it to the intercoms.

The city of Winter Park has two of the intercoms and five tornado warning sirens, which have been in place since 2008.

The fire department tells News 6 that it's the only city in all of Orange County to have the warnings sirens.

In Seminole County,  The Oviedo fire chief said the city has had 10 tornado sirens strategically placed across the city since 2008.

"It's not the perfect fit for every community, it was for Oviedo because we are a suburban community," said Fire Chief Lars White. "We don't have a lot of high rise buildings, so it was just a really good system to augment our town for severe weather, tornado warnings."

A NOAA weather radio will send out alerts when warnings are issued, but the only catch is that they operate through phone lines and if severe weather downs their phone line, the radio essentially becomes useless. That's when your smartphone and News 6 Pinpoint weather apps become best line of defense.