Donald Trump rallies voters in Kissimmee

GOP presidential candidate calls President Obama 'founder' of ISIS

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night in Kissimmee, again saying that President Barack Obama is the "founder" of ISIS.

The crowd at the Osceola Heritage Center was smaller in numbers compared to his previous events in Florida, but it was no less enthusiastic.

Support continues despite a rocky week for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. It is crucial for him to drum up support in Osceola County, one that went to Democrats in 2012.

Trump repeated claims that President Obama and Hillary Clinton founded ISIS. He said Obama should have done more against the terrorist group and blasted him on his policies.

"Barack Obama, No. 1 is incompetent, and No. 2, remember this, No. 2, he is the founder in a true sense," Trump said in reference to ISIS.

He brought up terrorist attacks all across the world, including the attack at Pulse in Orlando. He said more guns in the right hands could mean fewer deaths.

"If we had bullets going in the other direction, number one, they probably wouldn't even have come in if they knew there were guns where the bullets could travel in the opposite direction," Trump said.

Trump's message did not sit well with some. Protesters kept popping up several times throughout the speech. Each time they were escorted out and booed by the crowd.

"They're not going to put up with them. If people start being stupid, they're going to be on them like white on rice," Ocoee supporter Bill Bondurant said.

A Confederate flag with Trump's name was also spotted at the event. It was replaced with the American flag once Trump's team confronted the man holding it.

Many supporters spoke in fear of a Clinton presidency, saying if Trump doesn't win, "We'll lose the country."

"America is not at a crossroads. We're at a cliff, and it's either now or never," Bondurant said.