Squirrel attacks residents at Deltona senior center: 'People are bleeding'

Animal somehow got into activity room

DELTONA, Fla. – At least three people were attacked by a squirrel at a Deltona senior center Thursday afternoon, according to a 911 call obtained by News 6.

A woman called for medical assistance at the senior center on Alabaster Way.

Update: Read the latest on the squirrel attack here. 

The caller told dispatch at least three people were attacked by a squirrel around 2 p.m. after it got into the activity room.

“It’s jumping on people and biting them and scratching them,” the caller said. “It’s still in there and people are bleeding.”

Listen to the 911 call.

People can be heard in the background asking each other if they are all right.

“I feel light-headed. I don’t feel good,” a woman said in the background.

During the more than three-minute 911 call, the squirrel was eventually tossed out of the building, but the caller said people required medical assistance.

“I don’t know if we need an ambulance, but we need some care for people here,” the caller said. “ … The people are bleeding.”

The caller finally said people have gotten to safety, in the office and lobby.

The Florida Department of Health said they have an animal bite expert following up at the facility on Friday to find out exactly what happened.

No one has contacted the health department with symptoms of rabies.

The three victims refused medical attention at the scene. 

A manager at the senior center did not want to comment. The corporate office said officials there are aware of the situation, and will return our call.

A trapper was contacted but it's unclear if the squirrel was captured.