Mother of 'Baby Willow' arrested on domestic violence charges, police say

The mother of baby Willow was arrested on domestic battery charges on Thursday, officials said.

The victim who has other children with Susan Richardson told police he confronted Richardson for smoking crack cocaine while on probation, the report said.

Richardson who was upset after he stated that he was going to report her to police kicked the victim in the stomach, the report said.

While the victim was giving police a statement, he was notified that Richardson was at his mother’s home.

When police arrived the residence and questioned Richardson on why she kicked the victim, she told them he hit her in the face and she no longer wanted to answer any additional questions.

In the report, police said that they did not notice any visible injuries on the victim or Richardson.

Richardson gave birth to a baby in early 2016 at The Willow Bend Apartments in Orlando and abandoned the baby.

Detectives said Richardson admitted to dropping the baby off at a doorstep inside the complex,but will not say which unit. Police searched for the infant after discovering evidence of a birth in the complex’s parking lot.

Officials looked at dumpsters in the parking lot complex, drained a nearby pond and cameras through an underground pipeline, but there's been no sign of the infant.

In June, Richardson was sentenced to one year in jail and received credit for time served.

Richardson was charged with battery.