Deaf man sues Florida over truck driving license

Deaf man says state won't let him take test to get his CDL

A Central Florida man said the state of Florida is discriminating against him-- it won't let him take the test to obtain his commercial driver's license because he is deaf.

"I love the big trucks, you know? I'm tired of the little, small cars," said Floyd McClain, speaking through News 6 using an American Sign Language interpreter.

[WEB EXTRA: Federal Register: Hearing Exemption grant from 2013 I  Deaf Truckers United

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It's not the sounds but the feeling of the open road that McClain is chasing.

"I love traveling," McClain said. "I love going around and driving. I love the beautiful trees and doing that solo, I enjoy that time."

So becoming a commercial truck driver seemed like a logical choice-- except he's deaf.

"There's slight hearing, I have some residual on my right side, none on my left," McClain said.

That sort of deafness is not a problem for dozens of deaf men and women across the country who already have their CDLs

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