Trespassing suspect flips off Broward County judge in court

Jermaine Levy calls judge 'honky,' asks if he smoked weed for new year

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A South Florida man accused of trespassing flipped off a judge who denied his request to be released from jail.

Jermaine Levy appeared before Broward County Judge Michael Davis in a Thursday morning bond court hearing.

"How you doin', judge?" Levy asked. "I'm innocent."

"OK, I know," Davis said. "I know you are."

Davis asked Levy to wait a moment for his attorney, who was on the telephone.

That's when Levy took the opportunity to break the uncomfortable silence.

"You ain't smoke no weed for the new year?" Levy asked Davis.

After the judge asked Levy to sit down, Levy returned a short time later and once again greeted Davis.

"Good morning again, sir," Levy said.

As Davis was reading the trespassing charge, Levy interrupted.

"I'm charged with trees, trees, weed," Levy said.

After Davis denied a request for Levy to be released on his own recognizance and said he was transferring the case to another judge, Levy called Davis a "honky."

Levy then held out both hands and extended his middle fingers.

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Peter Burke returned for a second stint of duty at Local 10 News in February 2014.