Neighbors say they didn't know Loyd was hiding in empty house

ORLANDO, Fla. – Employees with Orlando's Code Enforcement unit were at the home Wednesday where accused cop-killer Markeith Loyd was captured the day before.

They secured sliding glass doors on the back side of the home and covered a window with plywood.

Inside the home, a pile of items was gathered in front of a portable toilet.

It was a glimpse of how Loyd may have been living while in hiding.

The items inside the house included a wig, a coloring book and packaged clothing.

Loyd, 41, is accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, on Dec. 13 and less than a month later, Orlando Lt. Debra Clayton at a Walmart on John Young Parkway.

"It's just too close to comfort. If she didn't know him, somebody knew that deal in that house that she knew him. So, it just don't make sense to me that he could be this close and from coming way from Pine Hills to here," a neighbor told News 6. "Somebody just knew that he was in there."

The neighbor believes someone may have allowed Loyd into the Carver Shores home. 

In a statement Tuesday night, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said the house was abandoned. 

The home is owned by a Cameron Skeete, according to Orange County property appraiser records.

Skeete died in 2011.

County records show taxes on the home haven't been paid since 2012.

One neighbor told News 6 she never noticed anyone living in the home but did notice a woman there a few weeks ago.

"She was cleaning out the house because her brother just went to prison and he was staying there in the abandoned house so she was just constently cleaning it out because he had it so nasty from a dog," she said. "It had no lights, it had no nothing in there the last time I seen it. It was just an empty house. I didn't know anyone was staying in there." 

It's unknown how long Loyd was at the home but knowing he won't be hiding behind the home's four walls any longer is a relief to people who call this neighborhood home.

Clayton's nephew, Jarvis Grant was near the home Wednesday.

He said the family asked for privacy and is glad all of this is over.