Could the 'I-4 Eyesore' finally be finished this year?

Building has been under construction for 16 years


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – The Majesty Building, better known as the "I-4 Eyesore," may finally be completed this year.

Construction began on the Majesty Building in 2001, and a representative for the building's owners said the developers have a "pay as you go" attitude toward the building's construction. They put about $100,000 each month into the project, and want to complete it being debt-free. 

When safety questions about the building have come up in the past, the city's building department stated that the construction site has passed all of its half-yearly safety inspections. The building inspections are also conducted to prove the site is still eligible for a building permit. 

City manager Frank Martz confirmed to News 6 that the owner has laid out a new construction schedule for the building, in hopes that it will be completed this year.

However, this estimate was a best-case scenario. Martz told News 6 that the builder needs to raise about $10 million before the building can be completed. A recent settlement from the state for land in path of the I-4 construction project will help with that effort.

When the Majesty Building is completed, it will be the largest building between Jacksonville and Orlando. Its 18 stories will be used an office tower and retail space.

Until then, we will continue to make jokes.


ROUND 2!!! THE EYE SORE ON i4 HAS HAD 16 YEARS OF CONSTRUCTION. 16 YEARS OF NO PURPOSE. 16 YEARS OF BEING CENTRAL FLORIDA'S BIGGEST JOKE. So I wrote a sketch about it! Share if you think this building SUCKS! -Credit: Flying Home Productions for shooting, JAM Sky Cam for drone shots and Comedian Mike Charette

Posted by Rauce Padgett's Comedy on Thursday, February 9, 2017