Sanford police officer arrested on 99 counts of official misconduct

Jason Bunch accused of falsifying time sheets

SANFORD, Fla. – A Sanford police officer is facing 99 counts of official misconduct and one count of grand larceny after officials say he falsified time sheets for 11 months, according to the Sanford Police Department.

Jason Bunch, who had been with the department since 2013 before he resigned on Monday, is accused of "double dipping" by logging in as working off duty details during the same time he was logged in as working his regularly scheduled shift assignments.

Bunch falsified 99 timesheets between January and November 2016, police said.

Officials said Bunch received $3,717.88 from vendors and $4,349.15 from the City of Sanford for hours he didn't actually work.

“No person has the right to cheat any business out of their money and services. A law enforcement officer is sworn to protect those rights for our residents and businesses, and Bunch took advantage of the trust surrounding his position," police Chief Cecil Smith said. "His dishonesty and criminal actions tarnish the continued dedication and honesty the Sanford Police Department has worked hard to earn from our community.”

Bunch is also accused of reporting that he responded to a call for service in Sanford on May 8, 2016, when he was in Orlando at the time.

The Sanford Police Department hired Bunch in March 2013. He served on the community relations unit in downtown Sanford. He was placed on administrative duty on Nov. 21 when the investigation into his time sheets began.

Bunch was arrested Thursday on 99 counts of official misconduct, grand larceny and failure to perform duty required of an officer.