Children hilariously interrupt dad's BBC interview

LONDON – Even serious subjects such as scandal in South Korea can be made adorable when cute kids enter the picture... or interview.

In a television appearance he'll never forget, a professor speaking on a BBC News program Friday morning was hilariously interrupted when his two children walked into the room.

The kids show up just as Robert Kelly was offering commentary on the removal of South Korea's president on corruption charges.

Kelly's daughter bounds right into the room without a care in the world, while dad gives her the stiff arm to prevent any more shenanigans.

That's when the next wave arrives as a baby shows up in a walker.  At that point, Kelly can't help but smile.

A woman rushes in to remove the children, but by then the hijinks are in full force and Kelly attempts to stifle a laugh.

The children are rushed out of the room, but not forgotten as they can still be heard in the background.  But cool dad keeps his composure and finishes the interview.

Let this be a lesson that all the world's problems can be saved by adorable children.