Chase Bank wants customers to beware of account suspension text

Customer claimed they got a text message saying their account was suspended


A popular phishing scam could be making its rounds once again. Some Chase Bank customers say they've gotten a text message claiming their account was suspended.

When they clicked the link to check out the info, they were routed to what looks like a Chase log-in page. However, it's just another way for thieves to steal your info and then your money.

File: identity-theft-kit_20170321122044

News 6 called Chase Bank and they told us they're aware of the scams, and say customers should call the official 1-800 number, or use the Chase app. The company even has a fraud page online with how to protect yourself.

Phishing scams have become so easy nearly 85 percent of organizations have been targeted, and in 2016, one scam watch group says as much as $83 million was stolen.​