Man seeks answers after video shows daughter kicked, punched on campus

'Everything still hurts,' Dr. Phillips High School student says

ORLANDO, Fla. – Cellphone video shows a student at Dr. Phillips High School being punched, kicked and stomped, and the victim's father said he's concerned it may happen again.

Ninth-grader Marliuz Guzzo told News 6 that she is the girl being attacked in the video.

"It still hurts. Everything still hurts," she said. "It's still sore. I just put ice on it."

Guzzo has a black eye from the fight she said happened Monday after school in the bus pick-up area on campus.

"I was going to my bus, she approaches me, and she asked me all these questions," Guzzo said of her attacker. "I was going to answer them, and before I had a chance to answer them, she hit me, and she just kept hitting me."

Guzzo said she suffered bumps and bruises all over from the fight.

Her father, Joe Guzzo, said he found at least two videos on social media showing what he calls an attack on his daughter.

"It brought me to a lot of emotions, because I've never seen my daughter get attacked," he said.

He pointed to the video, and said he noticed there were no adults around when the fight happened.

"If there were kids out there, there had to be either a school bus driver, somebody, who is an adult who could've stopped this," he said. "Somebody had to see something."

Joe Guzzo said nobody on campus called police, so he called them when his daughter got home.

He said a dean at Dr. Phillips High School he would address the fight with the other student, but he would not tell him if the student would be disciplined.

Joe Guzzo said he's worried another fight will happen, and he's worried no adult will be there to see it.

"God forbid if it was something worse," he said. "How are they going to deal with that situation if they don't know how to do it to begin with?"

News 6 asked a representative with Orange County Public Schools about the fight, and she said she could not comment on specific incidents that happen on campus involving students.

Joe Guzzo said he wanted other parents to know what happened, so together they can get results and put pressure on the school administration to make sure there is more adult supervision.

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