Neighborhood gets results for family of slain Orlando mother

Co-workers grieve loss of 24-year-old woman

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police have not released many details in their investigation of a shooting in which a young mother was killed after dropping off her baby with family. The neighborhood where the shooting happened is now getting results for the victim's family.

News 6 has been pushing OPD for answers, but homicide detectives have not released any information about potential suspects or a motive.

The Spring Lake Manor neighborhood was still in shock a day after the fatal shooting.

"We're all heartbroken. This just doesn't happen in our neighborhood," David Stokes, the neighborhood association president, said.

The neighborhood has come together through tragedy since Breanna Walker, 24, was shot and killed Thursday morning in front of a home on Ventura Avenue.

Family and friends told News 6 that Walker was a beautiful spirit. They said she was dropping off her baby at her grandmother's house before going into work when the shooting took place.

Orlando police detectives said the suspect was still on the run Friday afternoon.

Stokes told News 6 crime like this doesn't happen in their community. He described it as a safe and quiet neighborhood and said neighbors have been on edge.

"We don't know what happened, whether somebody came through the neighborhood and decided to shoot somebody or it's a family matter. We don't know," Stokes said. "We're just hoping they catch whoever did this quickly. That's what's on our minds right now, making sure we get this person off the street."

Stokes said the victim's family has also been on neighbors' minds.

"Our hearts go out to her family and we're going to do whatever we can to support that family if they need it," he said.

Neighborhood residents plan to get results and help Walker's family and her young baby by offering whatever support they can.

"We understand that she has a daughter and maybe her daughter has needs or maybe the grandmother, maybe she has some needs. We don't know," Stokes said. "We're just going to reach out to them and see what we can do to assist them and we will ask the neighborhood to do just that."

He said the neighborhood is also considering installing community-wide security cameras that could help deter crime and prevent something like this from happening again.

"We would feel a lot safer knowing that we've got record of anything going on out there," he said.

Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill met with Walker's family after the shooting.

Hill told News 6 that Walker was a 2015 graduate of Florida A&M University and a 2011 honor student at Jones High School.

She said the father of Walker's 5-month-old daughter is NBA hopeful Eric Griffin. Griffin is currently a member of the Utah Jazz summer league and is seeking a professional basketball contract. Hill told News 6 he was in Utah when the murder happened.

Walker's family said she worked for the law firm Morgan & Morgan. 

Attorney Matt Morgan released a statement that says, in part, "We have few details about what happened, but we do know Breanna was loved by her coworkers at Morgan & Morgan, who are having a difficult time accepting this horrible news."

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