Records: Pulse gunman's wife texted plans of 'cover' story night of massacre

Noor Salman's trial scheduled for March

(Noor Salman facebook via CNN)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Court documents in the obstruction case against the wife of the Pulse Nightclub gunman revealed that she texted her husband her idea for a cover-up story the night of the mass shooting.

"Salman's obstructive conduct extended to deleting text messages on her phone -- including one informing Mateen of the cover story she had devised," prosecutors argued in the documents.

Salman has been in federal custody since January.

Prosecutors said they've given hundreds of pieces of evidence, including sworn statements and phone messages, to Salman's lawyers.

In June 2016, 49 people were killed when Omar Mateen opened fire at Orlando's Pulse nightclub.

Salman’s trial is scheduled for March.