Man captures video of bear in garage of Seminole County home

FWC officials urge homeowners to keep garage doors closed

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A homeowner in Seminole County recorded video of a giant bear inside his garage Monday.

Brad Tamm said he is used to seeing bears, but when he noticed how large the bear was, he picked up his phone to record it from his home in the Wekiva neighborhood. 

Tamm was working out of his home office Monday morning, when he had to put his conference call on hold.
"Surprising. I really thought just a little bit of noise or just seeing me stand up, I think he would take off. But they are so conditioned to be around people and humans," Tamm said.

Tamm said the bear had the door of the refrigerator open,  despite the street being lined with trash cans ahead of Monday's garbage pickup.

"So he was in there and then he stood up on his hind legs and his head, I swear, his head, he was taller than me when I was inside of the office," Tamm said.

Tamm eventually opened the door and shouted for the bear to get out. The bear eventually made its way out of the yard, slowly moving up the street. 

"I wasn't scared. I don't know why, but we should be scared of such an animal," Tamm said.

Tamm said his garage door is usually closed.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reminds people to keep their garage doors closed to prevent attracting a bear. 

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