Reporter named Aaron Gordon trolled on Twitter for sharing Magic player's name

It's tough sharing a name with a professional athlete


ORLANDO – It's tough sharing a name with a professional athlete. 

Just ask Aaron Gordon, a transit reporter for Village Voice in New York City. He recently received a lot of grief from a fan of Aaron Gordon, the Orlando Magic player, on Twitter.

The message read, "Fam you really need to change your Twitter name you're just some political reporter don't be ripping off athletes views."

The reporter screenshot the series of messages the two had, and put them up on Twitter. The tweet went viral, even getting attention of Orlando Magic's Aaron Gordon.

"Stay strong, AG," Magic player Gordon wrote. "Don't let the haters get to you." 

The good people of Twitter had a lot of fun with the mix up, and it doesn't look like writer Aaron Gordon will be changing his name anytime soon.