Casselberry dog owners devastated after mauling, killing of Yorkiepoo​

'She was full of life, she was full of joy; she would make us laugh,' owner says

CASSELBERRY, Fla. – A Casselberry couple is devastated after two big dogs came bolting at their 8-pound dog.

"She was full of life, she was full of joy,; she would make us laugh," said Donna Syracuse.

Syracuse is devastated after seeing her beloved Reese mauled and killed. She blames aggressive dogs that live in the area.

"All I remember was that Reese was out front and I heard Cindy say uh-oh," said Syracuse.

She tells us they were one driveway away from their home when the large dogs came running from across the street and attacked.

"It's like they came out of the darkness and just pounced for no reason at all, they were completely unprovoked. Reese laid down in a submissive pose and the one dog charged her, grabbed her by her body, and put her in his mouth and just shook her like a rag doll," she added.

Neighbors came together to lend their support, exchanging stories of close calls with unsupervised pets in their neighborhood.

"Apparently it killed another animal here,; down the street we just found out it killed a cat," said Katie McGlynn.

Reese's owners tell News 6 they started a petition pushing for safety, hoping the city will take their concerns seriously.

"If it's charging at people, running at people, running into people's property and threatening people, it doesn't belong in a community where there's kids," added McGlynn.

News 6 reached out to animal control, and officials there tell us they are looking into the case.

Reese's owners will be going to the City Council Monday hoping something will be done soon.