Villages nonprofit provides dreams for seniors

Central Florida charity helps dreams come true for seniors

WILDWOOD, Fla. – Debbie Davison, founder of Dreams for Seniors, is this week's Getting Results award winner.  

Imagine a party where your life was on display and everyone you knew was there to honor your accomplishments. That was the case for 93-year-old Glen Beville, of Wildwood. Beville was the recipient of an honor dream given to him by the nonprofit organization Dreams for Seniors.

The Villages area organization grants "wishes" to chronically and critically ill seniors over the age of 68. These wishes can be as simple as a piece of medical equipment, a ride to the doctor or making a home wheelchair accessible.  

"There are two different kinds of dreams where somebody's referred and they need something," Davison said, explaining how the party was put together. "There's another type of dream called an Honor Dream. We honor a senior citizen for all they have done throughout their life."

Beville, who is in good health, is a World War II veteran and former prisoner of war captured in Germany at the Battle of the Bulge. 

He was nominated for the dream by friend and fellow church member, Kathy Carson.

"Glen was going to have a birthday party and invite people from this church," Davison said. "It turned out that the party didn't happen because Hurricane Irma came through."

It was her idea to reschedule the party and honor his military service at the same time.

"I love it," Davison said. "Some people golf, some play cards, I love granting dreams." 

Davison said she got the idea after volunteering with the Dream Factory in her native Illinois. That organization granted wishes for children. Davison worked in the home health care field and thought the concept could be adapted to seniors as well. 

"It's a chance to give back," she said. "To celebrate their life and all that they have done for us."

In just over 12 years, Davison has granted over 175 dreams to deserving seniors. She has been in Central Florida for almost five years. 

"Many times they're surprised," she said. "There's so many that don't have anybody to care about them." 

When Beville was told he would be honored, he made a special request that his good friend, Edith Middleton, could be honored as well. Middleton was turning 94 and celebrated with everyone else in the Wildwood United Methodist Fellowship Hall. 

Referrals and donations can be made through the website, DreamsForSeniorsCharity.org. Dreams for Seniors also participates in the Amazon Smile Foundation where a portion of your purchase price is donated to the nonprofit.  

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